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On Tuesday, September 2017,  we had our first Slingshot Speaks event, What is a Brand? It was certainly a lively, insightful and disruptive discussion that produced interesting comments and feedback.

We curated a synergistic group of experts who provided attendees with inspiration, direct access to insider knowledge  in a fun, dynamic and accessible way.

Our experts included Kate Finnigan, former Fashion Features Director of the Telegraph, ex Browns/Harvey Nichols’ buyer, Bev Malik, co-founder of Sibling, Cozette McCreery and designer and brand academic, Andrew Ibi.

The talk was based around BIG QUESTIONS and WE GOT BIG ANSWERS!

  1. What is a Brand?
  2. Brand Values and why do they Matter?
  3. Products vs Benefits?
  4. Is it a Good Idea to call a Brand by your Name?
  5. If Money were no issue, how would you Spend it on your Brand?
  6. Name 2 Brands you Think Are Succeeding?
  7. Name 2 Brands you Think have Failed?
  8. Future of Branding?


  • Brands need to be authentic to effectively connect with their customers
  • Brands need to create an entity that someone can identity with
  • Brands have become an identity to associate with, therefore, like a family or tribe
  • Logos are usually a first point of contact, so its the translation of the values into a recognisable mark
  • Original brands have a talent or something unique to offer
  • Brands that are succeeding are creating something that is useful for a time that we are living in now
  • Nowadays brands have to live in an ecosystem and have values that can grow & evolve
  • Brands that are succeeding – Simone Rocha, Vetements & Gucci
  • Brands that are Struggling are M&S, Jaegar, Jo Loves


“You were under siege! It was a fab talk – really really good and lively with top notch  panellists  I shall evangelise with complete confidence, and am already looking forward to the next one! I loved it! ” – Steve Spear – Head of Journalism, London College of Fashion

“Fantastic discussion with a wonderful line up of speakers offering great insight from an industry perspective! The ideas, opinions and insights shared about branding and brand values was most illuminating and informative with a contemporary take on what it means for brands to succeed and the pitfalls of those who fail. Again, loved it and great material which I have already adopted the main takeaways for my lectures 🙂 Can’t wait for the next talk in November!” – Mandy Lall – Fashion Marketing Lecturer, UEL and Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design

“Great content and one of the most interesting and useful events I’ve been to. I am definitely attending your next one “How do you get awareness” Marketing & Pr.” – Kiki Ito, Handbag brand owner

How to Create Awareness – next Panel Discussion/Networking event will be on November 2, 2017, 6:30 – 9:30pm.

Come join our gang!