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By Zoe Lem


In such uncertain and ever-changing times, the key is agility, for both business and personal wellbeing. Staying agile as a business or creative is the superpower required to get through this challenging period of isolation and remain relevant. Slingshot Speaks is a series of Instagram Live chats with key industry creatives and influencers talking about how to stay positive, inspired and agile during the Covid pandemic.

Digital has become ever more prevalent and important in how we live, we are now a world that relies on virtual communication, retail and connections to function both physically and emotionally. Businesses are having not only to adapt to how they behave but how they think and produce. Customers are now driving demand and behaviour in a way that means that brands and creatives are being dictated to rather than dictating consumer trends for products and services. Though we are now alone, digital has allowed us to be alone together.

In many ways, we are all powerless, but how we respond to the changing circumstances will dictate how we generate power to grow stronger as businesses and humans.

We learn from each other, sharing experiences, knowledge and skills which is how we can grow stronger as individuals and as a world together. In every difficult situation, there are both lessons to be learnt, and positives to be taken to help us grow and evolve.

Slingshot is a creative agency that is heart centred, agile, strategically disruptive, that embraces change and supports the creative industries with a 360 approach, using the tools of branding, marketing, PR, digital and creative content.

Slingshot Speaks Isolation is a series of Instagram Lives connecting with experts from different industries to share insight, knowledge with the key objective to help shift mindset, to encourage thinking outside the box and to guide creatives toward the opportunities and positives emerging out of the current situation. So that this current period of change is used wisely, efficiently and to build on the foundations of their business.

The underpinning of any brand or person is the values; the cornerstones of who or what a brand whether personal or business is. Slingshot Speaks will talk with many experts from fashion, beauty, digital, lifestyle and wellbeing to understand what and how their core values are impacting their behaviour and mindset during isolation. Whilst in this enforced virtual world, how are they adapting, guiding and communicating with their customers and audience to enable them to stay positive and not only survive but thrive. Where do the personal and business opportunities lie in this stressful period and how to successfully manifest change.

Key guest Creatives & Influencers include |  Natalie Lee @StylemeSunday | Hayley Irwin @uorconsultancy | Maddie Bruce @maddie_bruce | Peter MacIver @pmacfitness | @Virgin_x | @josephharwood | Diana Gomez @dianagomezphoto | Sadie Clayton @iamsadieclayton | Victoria Grant @victoriagrant | Julia Clancey @juliaclancey


Slingshot Speaks IsolationSlingshot Speaks Isolation Slingshot Speaks Isolation


  • Reach out and connect with others to keep things in perspective and to build on existing contact base.
  • Ask good questions of  yourself and where opportunities could lie, as vague questions get vague answers.
  • Remain authentic and honest, credibility is key.
  • Find inspiration in keeping your mind and body fit by learning some new skills, exercising, being and remaining creative.
  • By taking some ‘mental detox time’, you can remain committed to ensuring your daily actions are in line with your deepest values both personally and professionally.

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