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By Emily Hill

On 2nd November, we had our second Slingshot Speaks Panel Discussion & Networking event: How to Create Effective Awareness?

We were joined by four industry experts including Tamara Cincik a renowned stylist and fashion director, Alison Farrington retail industry insider, Emma Hart CEO of Push PR, and Lois Spencer-Tracey, social media expert in all things digital, all helping us to unpick how a brand can create not only awareness but effective awareness.Emma Hart Tamara Cincik Alison Farrington Lois Spencer Tracey

We thought about questions a brand can answer to ensure it is heard in this noisy, social media fuelled society:


  1. How do you create awareness?
  2. How do you maintain being authentic?
  3. Do you think the recipe in being authentic is the same no matter which field?
  4. Is any PR good PR?
  5. PR vs Marketing – which one is more beneficial?
  6. If you have good business foundations, does this give more longevity for PR?
  7. How do you know if you have the right PR?
  8. Does PR/marketing translate into sales?
  9. How do you measure effective awareness?

From the discussion, it was evident that “house keeping” is crucial. Ensuring the foundations of the brand are sound is vital for any further steps to work, like the use of PR or expansion of the business.

For example, your product has just featured in a highly circulated publication and orders are flooding in. But you have no stock, no retailer and no staff – preparation is key in order to respond to a sudden surge in demand or an opportunity to become bigger.

Building your business from the ground up pays off.

  • Have a strategy – Where do you want your business to be in the short, medium & long terms? This will help to ensure you are on the track you want the business to be on.
  • Understand your customer – Knowledge is power. Are your customers social media users? Or do they like bricks and mortar? Perhaps set up a pop up shop if it’s relevant to your product, and ask questions to your clientele. It is a good way to learn about them. It’s vital to understand them, if not they won’t engage with your business and product/service.
  • Be authentic – As the owner of the business, you know your product better than anyone. Don’t over expose the product just to expose it. Choose carefully who you want to advertise it, which Instagram influencers (if any) suits the message of the brand?
  • Have a 360° approach – ensure all marketing content is suited to every online platform. The average attention span has reduced from 12 to 8 seconds since 2000 according to the BBC, so ensure your social media platforms grab your audience and every audience -Instagram’s content is different to YouTube.
  • Play to your assets – Recognise your own strengths. What are you educated in – social media, or business strategy? It’s difficult to perform everything at 110% – who can help you?
  • Don’t forget what is around you – It’s surprising who knows who. Express ideas to local contacts like family and friends; they may know someone who is suited for your business.
  • Any PR is not good PR – If eventually you choose to hire a PR company, think about why you are. Consider if your foundations are truly ready, and you’re not just choosing PR because other similar companies are.
  • Don’t expect someone else to be your mouthpiece – know your brand inside out. Confidence in your brand, and its strategy will ultimately help you express the message you want your brand to reflect. It will help employees in your brand remain on the same page.

We look forward to hosting the next talk, so we can continue to be disruptive!

Tamara Cincik Fashion RoundtableSlingshot Speaks Helen Bullock drawing PR

Emma Hart Push PR

Emma Hart Push PR