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By Ellie Richards

Digital Detox for Creativity

With a busy year behind us and some down time during the holidays, a digital detox seemed like the perfect way to shut off, detach and unwind. Smart technology, phones and laptops are a brilliant form of connectivity that we use constantly for work and personal life, however its as valuable to put the screens to rest as well as our mind and body. The average person picks up their phone approximately 200 times a day, and if you don’t believe us, use the new “screen time” update on your iPhone. This update allows you to see a personalised overview of how much you are using your phone, and exactly how much time you are spending on all of your apps. Like many people, we were shocked to see the true amount of time we spend on our device – so this was the kickstart to back away from the screen.

Not only is a digital detox good for your health – which many psychological studies have shown that too much time on social media causes stress, lack of confidence, and self-esteem issues, it will help you thrive on better inter-personal relationships. When you can’t text, email or check social medias, we are forced to actually speak to those around us. Not only are you giving yourself time to cherish your loved ones, but this can remind us how powerful it is in business to speak face to face, rather than on the email-chain. Inter-personal relationships build better business and brand loyalty, something which can be hard to find in the digital age as you create stronger links to your community and customers.

For more information on health issues relating to screen time

The Digital Detox

Furthermore, the more you distance yourself from social media and the bombardment of marketing that comes with it, you are able to truly innovate and be creative. Rather than looking at like-minded brands following general advertisement protocols, strategies and rules, you, having taken a step back to allow your creative process to freely roam without these reminders, can be free to be inspired, think and act different. You can begin to really consider your consumers needs, wants, demographics, psychographics etc,  and think of something they have never seen before, or target them in a  way they haven’t been shown a million times on social media. 

It so important you take this time to reevaluate who you are, your brand values and your goals for the new year. These goals certainly should involve technology and electronics, however, you do not need these tools to power your creative process. The more organic your idea’s are, the more you can peak interest in your consumers.

Switching on again for 2019 – Slingshot.


  • choose a weekend a month or one day a week, like a Sunday to fully switch off the screens and take regular time for yourself to be able to connect with others, give back and stay inspired.
  • or simply, switch off your devices 30 minutes earlier at night and move the devices out of the bedroom to improve your sleep quality.
  • use the detox time to regularly clear your mind, so you can set goals because what gets measured, gets improved.
  • by taking some ‘mental detox time’, you can remain committed to ensuring your daily actions are in line with your deepest values both personally and professionally.

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