You have a concept, an idea for a product, service that you want to create/develop.   You have been desperate to leave your 9-5 and become an entrepreneur and feel that this idea could be the way.

You are so excited and move straight to creating samples so that you can see your idea become a reality. You are confident that everyone will love your idea as much as you do and are convinced that this could be your way to a new lifestyle and a route to your first million. You know it would look amazing on Alexa Chung, Lady Gaga and Millie Macintosh and can’t believe they wouldn’t want to wear it, so once you have created the samples you believe that you need to get a PR to help you get the idea out there which will sell loads of products. Though you have started this will little funding, PR feels like the way to make this all happen. So, you use the little funds you have, to pay an agency that someone recommended to you on a monthly retainer. You haven’t heard of them but they must be good as they have lots of images of celebrities on their site and talk about their amazing contacts.


Sound familiar?

You are not alone. I wish it were as simple as this and that once we have a product in our hands it were as easy as getting the products on a few celebrities, on some blogs and that this would be your recipe for success.

Entrepreneurs are so desperate to get to market and often underfunded. More often than not they forget about the hard work researching, planning, creating a strategy which is instrumental in developing a business and eventually a brand. You need to understand who you are targeting, what the market is, where you are positioning your business and what the next few months, years will look like if you are to look like if you are to achieve your clearly defined objectives.

It is a part of the business that so many bypass and jump straight to the exciting bit. By doing this you are limiting your chance for success and longevity. It is all in the PLANNING.  If you do not understand who you are targeting and what they what, need, will pay and then in turn what magazines they like, read, which celebrities they rate, what their lifestyle is and how you can speak to them through the marketing and PR, then you will not be direct and effective in your approach.

In short; most brands engage PR too early, they miss the vital elements of the business that will ‘future proof’ your business. And yes, this will delay achieving sales and seeing your brand in a magazine or on an influencer, but what it will mean is that when you do, it will be the right ones, and is more likely to convert to sales!


  1. Do your research
  2. Create a strategy
  3. Create clear pricing strategy
  4. Understand what your brand values are
  5. What is your USP
  6. Why should people buy your products/services rather than anyone elses?
  7. Understand your customer
  8. Speak to your customer
  9. Don’t be too stubborn to evolve your idea if it makes sense.