Ray Brown Fashion – Fashion Designer, Artist

Ray is an Australian master craftsman of rock & roll stage clothing, based in London, UK. His design background includes such diverse music/fashion genres as heavy metal, hard rock, teddy boy, country and pop.

He currently works with a client list of rock & roll royalty.

Ray didn’t invent the metal stud, but the way in which he chose to use it is historical.

CLIENT OBJECTIVE: Develop a premium denim and leather range

Work undertaken for Client:
• Analysing existing premium denim market
• Defining and establishing brand concept
• Creating brand guide
• Formulating business plan
• Sourcing the right graphic partner to develop brand identity
• Developing marketing, sales, e-commerce, PR & social media strategies
• Sourcing factory and suppliers
• Advising on development of collections, creation of tech packs, factory visit to achieve factory samples

Outcome for Client:
• Client obtaining financing & launching his brand to the market


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