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E.MACBEAN SWIMWEAR – Slingshot London



The swimwear industry sexualises women in swimwear, rarely are women showcased as strong and authentic, instead sexual and overly feminised.  We are now increasingly talking about body positivity, but the general perception is that it relates to the acceptance of plus sizes, rather than addressing the overarching anxiety and negativity that we  may feel in relation to our body and the apprehension of exposing any element that makes us feel unaccepted and undervalued. E. Macbean are aiming to give control back to women and help them find a level of comfort in their image. Slingshot worked on a project basis handling PR for the swimwear brand launch during London Fashion Week February 2020, helping to raise brand awareness especially across social media platforms.

E.MACBEAN is a high-end, UK swimwear brand launching Spring/Summer 2020. Responsibly designed utilising modern quality fabrications and technical development processes, the project is a creative collaboration between wife and husband creative duo, Andrew and Eleanor Ibi. The collection is designed and produced in the UK.

The creative process starts with photographer and writer, Eleanor, identifying several unique literary heroines extracted from female-authored books. The concept allows designer, stylist and artist, Andrew (along with Eleanor), to visualise design through extensive cultural referencing, covering areas that include literature, film, photography, dance, music and art. Driven by Eleanor’s razor sharp focus, the brand questions perceptions of female beauty, sexuality and the body through brand communication, reframing swimwear’s purpose as a powerful, female design form.

All 10 of the initial designs in the collection encapsulate the spirit of each of the literary heroines, from colour  and style, to designing sympathetically for the female body whilst creating silhouettes that are modern and architecturally structured.

“E.Macbean swimwear is for all women, and especially those with an interest in authentic design with a cultural heartbeat. I want our customers to immerse themselves in high quality and conceptual designs created in homage to some incredible literary heroines. These are the characters that have always intrigued me, and I hope they inspire you too”. Says Eleanor Ibi Co-founder E.MACBEAN.



  • Create a conceptual experience between viewer and subject, that challenged the viewer’s perception of swimwear and bodies, whilst showcasing the E.Macbean swimwear range
  • To introduce the brand to the fashion market and industry leaders
  • To create content for the E.Macbean brand
  • Create awareness across social media platforms


  • Slingshot curated a guest list for the event, sent out invites, managed RSVP’s and guest list on the night.
  • Slingshot handled all Fashion PR pre/post event and at the launch, dealing with communications across all traditional and digital media contacts and outlets.
  • Slingshot wrote press releases for the brand/collection and sent out the release to a broad database of industry contacts.
  • Slingshot worked with photographers to ensure correct imagery for the event.
  • Followed up the event with post release, chasing any press leads and managing social media coverage.


  • A successful launch event with positive response from guests and industry contacts, generated a large social media/awareness coverage and brand imprint.

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EmacBean swimwear Slingshot PR launch