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By Emily Hill

An accumulation of media advert overload, inconsiderate shoppers and tired children, shopping during the Christmas period can be overwhelming and beyond stressful.

From a retailer’s point of view, it can be even more difficult. With the high street giants offering a range of Christmas gifts and often discounts, if you own an independent brand or service, ensuring customers choose your products and stay with your business during the consumption-heavy season, can be challenging.

However, here are some ideas on how to minimise this fear, and ensure good trading during the holiday shopping period.

Make sure your website is fully accessible

This may sound obvious, but the last thing your business would want is for your website to be unable to handle a large amount of orders, or to be difficult to navigate, which consequently would turn away your potential customers. Is your Hero product noticeable on the home page? Is your message and branding clearly evident?

Remember your social media

Many people look to social media at times for unique or last minute gifts so ensure your product or service will be noticed. Regular posting of the product being used, (i.e. Realistic placement) or in aesthetically pleasing backgrounds shows the consumer how their loved one would use it or how they would receive it. Use social media to advertise any discounts or events too.

Consider other locations to sell than only online

If appropriate, perhaps your product can be sold direct to your customers. For example, markets are very popular at this time of year. Museums or town halls also hold events where local brands are often found selling their product, so take a look at what you can be involved in.

Don’t forget your history

The history of your brand should be highlighted more than ever at this time of year. Some consumers are put off by the big name brands and that’s why they look to smaller, independent brands for gifts instead. So let them know your history, brand story and your message. It adds more value to your product, therefore, consumers feel their consumer surplus is greater with you than on the high street.

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

How are you showcasing your product? Many high end department stores offer beautiful free packaging and gift wrap now which encourage consumers to buy with them to save time and money. How could you tap into this success? This too would add value to your product.

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