We are Slingshot, a London-based, brand innovation, strategy and communication agency specialising in the business of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.
We are an objective driven agency, which uses a 360 approach to target your creative & business needs strategically using branding, marketing, PR, digital, collaborations and mentoring.

What we do

We use disruptive and innovative thinking to find concept, development and awareness solutions to grow your business idea, evolve your story or campaign and communicate it effectively to your core target market.

We understand the value of a considered approach to achieving and maintaining quality. We create brands for the future by harnessing our creativity, speed and our extensive networks.

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Who we work with

We work with established brands, who want to be disruptive and creative in their approach.

We offer collaborations with cutting edge artists and designers to give your brand a creative edge.

At Slingshot, we are dynamic, we use our experience and our vast network to create, develop and promote your creative and business needs.

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